Tour de Oui – Your 21-Day Ride Challenge
One of our favorite things about the Tour is that…
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One of our favorite things about the Tour is that it’s the one time of year when everyone is talking about bikes. Even the neighbor who waters his grass with a hand sprayer for two hours every night. But it can also mean logging a little more couch time than usual to take in all the stages. So we’re running a tour of our own this year to encourage all of us to celebrate these three weeks on two wheels.

The Tour de Oui is inspired by the Tour’s 21 stages. Part challenge and part inspiration, it’s designed to help you discover somewhere new to ride and find that little extra motivation to saddle up. It doesn’t matter how you choose to go – hit the pavement, gravel or local trails, to unlock rewards to keep you going. Can you ride as many days as the pros this year?

Here’s how it works

  1. Download the Ride Spot app and swipe up on the Challenges tab on the home screen
    Download from the Apple App Store
    Download from the Google Play Store
  2. Search for Tour de Oui by PEARL iZUMi and tap “Join Challenge” or go directly to the challenge page
  3. After you join, every day you record a ride in Ride Spot between June 26th and July 18th, you’ll contribute to your challenge goal
  4. At the end of the challenge on Sunday, July 18th, you’ll receive an email with a link to unlock your discount code
  5. Keep an eye on PEARL iZUMi social channels for inspiration to keep pedaling and share content from your rides with #TourdeOui

The more you ride helps you earn better rewards and improve your jersey badge.

The Yellow Jersey awarded for recording all 21 days.
The Green Jersey awarded for recording 19+ days.
The Polka Dot Jersey awarded for recording 17+ days.
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26 thoughts on “Tour de Oui – Your 21-Day Ride Challenge

    • Hey Bill, it’s just the number of days ridden. Making it simple for anyone interested in riding.

        • This sounds great! I am going to give it a try!

          Why does the app need access to everything on my phone? I do not like that request. ²

    • Thanks for the message, and thanks for taking part in our Tour de Oui Challenge! Look for an email regarding your jersey classification and your discount code by the 23rd of July.

      Keep pedaling out there!

  1. Original terms made it seem like riding 19 or 20 of the 21 days still qualified you for something. My challenge just shows that I did not complete the challenge at all. Did I miss out because I was short by one ride?

    • Hey Ryan!

      Because of the way the platform works, only the 21-day riders will show the “complete” message. Because we are able to see how many rides were submitted, we know that you rode 20 days, so you’ll still get the Green Jersey awards. Sorry for the confusion. Look for that email on Friday. Holler with any other questions.

      • 20 of 23 still a PR for me! If green is good enough for Cavendish, it’ll have to be good enough for me! Kudos to all the “tour” finishers! Kudos to Pi/PfB for setting up the challenge! Look forward to many more!

    • Hi Susan,
      Sorry for the delay. It seems as though we had an issue with the platform we are sending the messages from. The plan is for those to land in inboxes today, July 27th. Thanks for your patience and for joining the Challenge!

    • Hi Jake,
      It looks like some of the Yellow Jersey holders’ emails didn’t go out. We’re looking into it today. If you don’t get an email by this time tomorrow, contact me directly and I’ll get you sorted out. jlawton<@>
      Thanks and sorry for the delay.

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