Sustainable Super-Fabrics – Cycling Science
PEARL iZUMi was built on performance fibers. Now we’re using…
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PEARL iZUMi was built on performance fibers.

Now we’re using one grown on the simple blend of sunshine, water, grass, and air.

High-performance natural and renewable alternatives like Merino wool are helping achieve our commitment to using recycled, renewable, or organic materials in 90% of our products by 2022.

Moving to sustainable materials doesn’t require compromising performance. Through research at the ACE Climatic Windtunnel in Canada, and partnering with The Woolmark Company, we’ve developed breakthrough fabrics that combine Merino wool with synthetic fibers made from recycled water bottles.

The incredible facility at Ontario Tech University allows us to set wind speed, humidity, temperature, and solar intensity to replicate real-world riding conditions.


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4 thoughts on “Sustainable Super-Fabrics – Cycling Science

  1. So good to know this stuff. People are beginning to wake up on sustainability and environmental harm some clothing brands are causing. Thank you for leading the way, we love your products in our shop. #mothernaturemustwin

    • Thanks for reading. We’re aiming to have 90% of our products sustainable by 2023 and our HQ carbon neutral by 2025. We’re taking steps but we recognize we have a long way to go. Enjoy the ride out there.

    • Hi there. We don’t have our info publicly posted just yet on our wool (or other materials) sourcing, but we do have a process through which any material sourced meets our sustainability requirements. We are also measuring our sustainability efforts through the Higg Index to make sure that we are hitting goals and measuring up within the industry. The Merino we source for our apparel is in partnership with The Woolmark Company. Hope that answers your question.

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