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PEARL iZUMi was founded on two things: the love of…
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PEARL iZUMi was founded on two things: the love of cycling and, more importantly, love for future generations. This passion is woven into everything we create – not just our products, but how they’re packaged as well. While we want your gear to arrive in pristine condition, we also know that the packaging it arrives in becomes waste, and we’re working hard to minimize that. Here’s how we’re making progress:

  • We’re working towards eliminating all single use plastics and virgin forest fibers by 2025, and we’re a proud member of the Responsible Packaging Movement.
  • Currently, each item in your order is protected from dirt and damage by a fully recycled (and recyclable) polyester bag that we’ve been using since 2018. But we don’t want to stop there. We’ve adopted a roll-and-tie method for packing apparel, so that what arrives at your doorstep is the smallest package we can send, which saves as much as 50-70% of the packaging AND equals less fuel during shipping.
  • We ship your order in a resealable bag or recycled cardboard box, so that you can reuse it in the unlikely event that you don’t love your new PEARL iZUMi gear.
  • We’re also working hard to reduce our paper usage. We reduced the size of our hang tags to the smallest size that is recyclable, and it’s made from recycled content. We printed our last paper catalog in 2017. And we’ve removed the tissue paper stuffing from inside our cycling shoes, saving an estimated 6 tons of paper annually.

We believe how we live today effects how future generations ride, and we’ve pledged to use our business practices, products, and advocacy to support this mission. As you do your shopping, we hope you’ll consider how your spend makes an impact.

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