SHARED TERRITORY – Borderlands is an exploration of a landscape…
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SHARED TERRITORY – Borderlands is an exploration of a landscape that has largely been misunderstood through the lens of distant media and political narratives. This is the story of the Camino del Diablo, a historic route connecting the border town of Sonoyta, Mexico, and Yuma, Arizona.

This film wouldn’t have been possible without the people who were willing the share their time and stories. We encourage everyone who watched this film to continue the journey into the Sonoran Desert and there’s no better way to start than through the work of the voices within this film.

Learn more about riding the area here.


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10 thoughts on “SHARED TERRITORY – Borderlands

  1. I really enjoyed the whole production, from the interviews, the images and the riding perspective. A beautiful and inspirational video.

  2. Need more people like yall in the world who discover these forgotten places and stories. Excited about your next adventure!

    • Thanks for watching and the kind words. We really appreciate it. We will keep you posted on the next project. Our goal at @ShraedTerritory is to share the stories of the people and lands we visit with the hope of connecting others and promoting understanding. If you can walk away from one of our films with an expanded imagination and perspective, we succeeded. Thanks again for watch and sharing your thoughts. It means a ton!

  3. Professionally done and inspiring…. and this is my back door from Tucson. Thank you for doing this. Please ride on!

    • Thanks Brad! We’re so glad you liked it. Yeah, that is right out your backdoor. If you’ve never done it, grad your gravel bike and go ride the “Scenic Loop” at Organ Pipe. It’s the most amazing 22 mile gravel ride in the world!

  4. This was such an amazing project and very informative. Very educational to watch and just so heart warming to experience. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Howdy Betty, thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts! I hope you you get a chance to visit and see the landscape for yourself. It’s an incredible place with wonderful people.

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