Greener Pastures – Find Adventure Close to Home
I am a very fortunate person. A very big part…
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I am a very fortunate person. A very big part of my job involves traveling to mountain bike communities and destinations around the world and sharing my own experiences with others. My sense of adventure is something that drives me professionally and personally, and while I wouldn’t trade my career for any other, the adventures don’t stop when I get home. I live in a part of the Mid-Atlantic that is densely populated, and it’s very easy for people here to look to far away places whenever they’re planning for anything “epic”, an understandable mentality that many of us can relate to, as exploring the unknown or unfamiliar is part and parcel with adventure.

But there are times when looking for green pastures in the distance can mean that you’re not seeing the opportunities that are often right under your own nose, and that holds true for those of us who call the Mid-Atlantic home. It’s not a place full of alpine peaks, or deep red rock canyons, but it is full of beautiful rolling hills, some of the oldest mountains on the planet, and plenty of nooks and crannies that can often feel like a world away from the hustle and bustle of the dense populations centers our area is mostly known for. This holds especially true on the bike, where many of my favorite trails showcase an abundance of roots, rocks, and various other examples of how much fun you can have on decidedly “un-purpose built” trails. The green tunnel can provide quite the filter, and for that, I’m ever thankful to have these resources available at the ready whenever I am home.

Trails to Ride

Brandywine, DE: Rocky Run DH – Final trail segment from the video…fast, gnarly, and loose!

Glen Park, PA: Stage 5 – One of the best trails in all of Eastern Pennsylvania. Amazing dirt and ruts, and loads of speed.

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