Go together – Community Built on Bikes Most riders have a way of making their bike…
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Most riders have a way of making their bike unique to themselves in a variety of ways, but a bike still brings likeminded people together. A perfect example is when a community of riders with roots from hundreds of islands from half a world away, all speaking different dialects, gather to celebrate riding, eating, and each other.

PEARL iZUMi Crew member Randy Barcena and his riding partner Xandei know how to put together a big ride and an even bigger party after the ride. Be it in Las Vegas or SoCal.

The language of riding knows no borders. Go together.

For more about Randy read his personal story of growing up in the Philippines riding bikes with purpose and how he found MTB.

Thanks to all the riders who came out for the Adobo Ride, also known as the Randy Ride.

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