Shredding Crested Butte Fall Temps and Trails: Layering for Fall Riding
There is nothing worse than ending a ride early because…
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There is nothing worse than ending a ride early because you are too cold. I LOVE riding this time of year, the dirt is almost always tacky and I would rather add or remove layers than be too hot or cold.  Maybe it is riding through the insanely beautiful aspen groves or the thought of warm apple cider and cinnamon sugar doughnuts after but I can’t think of a better season to ride than Fall. However, if you are not properly prepared it can easily change from a beautiful fall ride to a soggy slog.   

When the leaves start to change from green to gold, the contents of my riding gear bag also shifts with the season. I get excited to put away the summer clothing and pull out some of my all-time favorite layers.  One piece of gear that is often overlooked are gloves.  For fall rides I usually pack two pairs of gloves, a warm-weather pair like the Women’s Divide Glove and a cold-weather glove such as the AmFIB Gel Glove or the Thermal Glove.  Sometimes, I even pack both in my hydration pack since cold hands are a make or break point for me during a ride.  I would rather be over prepared and comfortable than end a ride early due to cold hands.  

Weather can be unpredictable, and a fall rain shower can make a beautiful fall ride into a sprint for the car if you are not prepared.  So this time of year I pack a more substantial waterproof rain jacket like the Women’s Monsoon WxB Hooded Jacket instead of the typical Summit Shell jacket that I usually carry. With a hood that fits over the helmet, and waterproof zippers, it keeps me nice and toasty even on drizzly fall days.  With 40 degree temperature swings during the fall season it is important to be prepared and pack those extra layers in case a ride goes longer than planned and the temps begin to drop.  

Not only does my mountain biking gear change this time of year, so does my commuting kit. The Rove Barrier Jacket helps me to extend my commuting season by keeping me dry and warm while running errands around town. There is a fine balance between staying cool enough not to sweat and warm/dry enough and the Rove Barrier Jacket finds that balance point nicely. The BioViz droptail can easily be unfolded for added visibility to drivers, which is especially handy this time of year when the daylight goes by quickly.   

So instead of calling it quits, layer up and get out there to enjoy the best dirt of the year!

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