When it comes to alleviating tension out on the roads, it’s definitely a two-way street.

Yes, we’ve all had an experience or heard of one with a driver who was aggressive. And it’s unnecessarily scary. We’ve all also seen people who ride bikes who can be a little oblivious to other traffic. All of us should remember that people who ride have just as much obligation to stay aware and follow the rules of the road as people who drive. And when we all respect and follow the rules of the road, we help break the notion that cyclists are self-absorbed problem-makers, that drivers are the enemy, and vice versa. Because we all have a right to be out there.

But we all have to be smart too. No matter what mode of transport a person is using.there. But we all have to be smart too. No matter what vehicle we’re using.

#peopleonbikes #peopleincars #ridedriverespect

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  1. This is a crappily packaged message. Cars Kill cyclists. That the difference. It’s a big difference. No slack for that. Pull your heads out. Stop with the victim blaming. Stop with this misguided effort to assuage the feelers of drivers. Cyclists DONT carry equal responsibility. Never again will I buy PI til you publicly disavow this message. You are wrong here. Not that cyclists should be good citizens but that there is no difference. And ripping ion Yuppies. F.Y. From this gun toting cyclist

  2. Thank you Pearl Izumi and Kurt Holzer.
    Kurt, take a chill pill. Pearl Izumi is an apparel company. Write your local representatives.Get off your phone and do something.
    Pearl Izumi please make cool cycling clothing. Stop with the socio-polictical bike responsibility bro crap. Job 1 is to make awesome kits.
    Be more like Rapha. Hire better graphic designers. I want to know who designs your gear. Where did they do to art school?
    Art Center,RISD, or Arizona State? Once your product is on game like Rapha, then the Kurt Holzers of the world will not hijack your PR.
    He’d never pull this nonsense on Rapha. So make cooler looking stuff. Problem solved.

    P.S. The old iP logo has to go too. Have you even seen how badass Rapha HQ is? Those dudes excete excellence.

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