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It’s one thing to like to tinker. It’s another to engineer pieces of tubes made from precious metals into an engineering marvel propelled by your recent meal. Through the tinkering and engineering chops, a bike that works really well can look unlike many bikes out there. 

To celebrate handmade work of the cycling realm, in partnership with Shimano and visual documentarian Justin Balog, we set out to highlight some unique bike builders who, with their hands and their intriguing workshops, are making raw materials transform into the most fantastic adventure tools. We are well aware of the countless artisans all over the world making these remarkable works of art. While we would love to share them all, we had to be a bit selective in sharing a few that riders might just now be discovering.

The third builder we chose to highlight is Sklar Bikes. Adam Sklar feels a moral obligation to make great bikes while using what some might see as unconventional tubing with this torch. He is an engineer, so he has his reasons. Sklar Bikes are custom designed and built for a rider to take on any adventure they choose, as Adam bridges the divide from hard math to graceful art. 

Dream rides fabricated in a small workshop in Bozeman, Montana. 

Alex Sklar welding tubes on a bottom bracket in his shop in Bozeman, Montana.
Alex working on a drawing for a bike design in his shop.
Alex welding tubing onto a bottom bracket.
Alex stands for a portrait outside his workshop in a snowy Bozeman.
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Josh is a storyteller with a donut addiction that is only kept in check by cycling and trail running. He is amped daily with the ability to be a part of the industry that encourages a passion for riding bikes. He is also an advocate for his trail running wife and others recovering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). #rideallthesurfaces #becausebikes and #traillife are dirty good fun.

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