Bike Commuting Through Neighborhood Navigators
Approximately 15,000 people a day drive less than five miles…
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Approximately 15,000 people a day drive less than five miles alone from their home to their office in the Denver Metro area. A team of riders with Bicycle Colorado are working on getting more people out of their cars and onto bikes. Through ride navigators, a prospective bike commuter is guided on-bike by routes and tips and tricks that can be learned pretty quickly for success.

These Neighborhood Navigators will be the first to say you don’t need to be Spandex-clad or anything like a superhero at all. You can be a regular person wearing regular clothes on just about any bike and get from A to B very safely. Plus, it makes you feel better when you get there.

Neighborhood Navigators are free, trained, screened, and vetted. With these riders scattered throughout Denver, you can pair up with one and meet anywhere from your residence to any corner shop or coffee shop. Build your confidence one street at a time and get safely to where you want to get. Then at the end of the day, meet your navigator to bring you back home again.

Go to and look for Neighborhood Navigators.

A quick note, as there have been some comments made about riders and helmets. PEARL iZUMi is absolutely pro-helmet. But let’s not jump to helmet shaming and miss an opportunity to welcome in more people to ride bikes. Please read our thoughts about helmets and differing perspectives about the topic.

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9 thoughts on “Bike Commuting Through Neighborhood Navigators

  1. This is a great idea. Besides the one on one guidance, the program should also match up others who live near each other so that they can ride as a group most of the way to their final destination. It is safer to ride in a group than solo.

  2. Helping people navigate is one thing. Setting an example by WEARING A HELMET is another and this story violates that safety issue. If on a bike, wear a helmet. I’m surprised Pearl Izumi didn’t know better.

      • There are certain states where motorcycle helmets are “personal choice” (New Hampshire, Illinois and Iowa) but you would be hard pressed to find a motorcycle manufacturer, or motorcycle apparel company putting out any advertising/marketing with riders NOT wearing helmet.

        • That may be true, though riding a bike for commuting is generally a much slower speed than riding a motorcycle in traffic thus much safer. Isn’t that the point of having a navigator? Someone who can show a rider the safest way to commute?

          Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of the posts that are linked on our page with different perspectives on helmet use. The more people riding bikes the less dependence on cars which is better for people and the planet.

  3. I have to agree with Joellen. I love this concept, but for you to show riders with no helmet on is entirely ridiculous!
    Total fail on your part Pearl Izumi!

  4. Ah yes, here come the helmet shamers. Do you wear a helmet when you drive a car, the cause of many brain injuries and 30,000+ deaths per year in the US? So why are you so frothy to force adult bicyclists going 6 mph to work on side streets to wear a helmet? Read this and be enlightened:

    And great job Pearl Izumi, on this article! Neighborhood Navigators should be in every city of the US. Getting people out of their cars is the only way out of the coming climate hellscape.

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