Randy Barcena
When Randy was 10 years old, he'd wake up at 4 a.m., hop on his bicycle and sell fresh baked breads from his aunt’s bakery to neighbors in rural parts of the Philippines. He enjoys solo mountain bike night rides whenever possible after working all day at the office. He thinks the best rides are the unplanned rides; the adventure rides, the ones where you don’t know what to expect. Randy's favorite trail is Gridley in Ojai, CA. Ring leader for @rice_adobo
Crew Member
Randy building up his new covid bike
A Renewed Appreciation for the Solo Ride & Social Distancing by Bike What a year 2020 was! But despite all the bad…
Randy Barcena // 02.2021
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Is it Time to Update the Meaning of MTB Progression? Progression. Not being content and keep pushing your limits to…
Randy Barcena // 11.2019
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Finding the Best Gifts and Culture by Bike A couple of months ago, I thought it would be…
Randy Barcena // 08.2019
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Night Rides – Illuminating Another Way to Ride Night riding season is here! Working full time while living…
Randy Barcena // 05.2019
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What got me into MTB – The Bicycle’s Universal Language It was a cold Saturday night in early December. Jason…
Randy Barcena // 01.2019
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Product appreciation – Versa Barrier Jacket Never go full #enduro, bro. Photo by @jasonmaletsky Let me…
Randy Barcena // 08.2018
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First Trip to the Sedona MTB Festival There was already a line when I got there at…
Randy Barcena // 02.2018
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Breaking the Habit – Finding Riding Priorities Riding wide open landscapes near Whistler, B.C., Canada. Photo by…
Randy Barcena // 12.2017
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The Challenges of Desert Riding Riding in the desert is very challenging. The heat is…
Randy Barcena // 11.2017
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