Jennifer Hess
Jennifer Hess loves riding technical singletrack, fast descents, and getting her wheels off the ground. She is passionate about inspiring kids and women on mountain bikes and spends much of the summer coaching local clinics. Jennifer loves pushing the limits and helping other riders gain confidence on the bike. She believes that any day on two wheels is a good day, especially if friends are involved.
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Tips for Riding With Kids
Bring Back the Fun: Tips For Riding With Kids As riders, we all know the benefits of cycling: health,…
Jennifer Hess // 06.2022
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Rowdy Gowdy – Empowering Women in MTB How many ideas are you putting off and saying you’ll…
Jennifer Hess // 07.2021
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What I Learned From Organizing A Bike Event Ever had an idea that got you so excited you…
Jennifer Hess // 10.2017
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