Danielle Caruso
Danielle is a South Florida native that is living, riding and building her community in Bend, Oregon. After breaking her back in Thailand in 2015, Danielle's life course shifted from pursuing hours in corporate America to logging dirt, gravel and road miles on her bike. Danielle is an active Board Member for Central Oregon Trail Alliance, a dedicated yogi, film photographer and lover of the land. Her desire to empower others around her to meet their own potential brings her great joy and willingness to serve her community.
PNW trails
Beyond the Ride: How to be a Steward of the Trail Peaked Interest As I rolled my mountain bike into my…
Danielle Caruso // 04.2022
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expanding the mountain biking community for women
My Biggest Jump—5 Women Committed to Advancing The MTB Community Anyone else battle an inner dialogue while riding? "Lean left,…
Danielle Caruso // 02.2022
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