Marty Caivano
Marty is a bike mechanic who uses the noun "flowgnar" like it's an actual word, while at the same time correcting people for saying "irregardless." She loves alpine sunrises, long descents, and fixing broken things to get people back riding. Her stoke level is high, as is her tendency to make "that's what she said" jokes. #ridesmarter #traillife
Mechanic & Contributor
Intro to Bike Basics for Routes, Rides and Essentials If you discovered bikes recently, welcome! And if you're coming…
Marty Caivano // 01.2021
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Holiday Cycling Gift Ideas For A Unique Season In this crazy time when bikes, parts and accessories are…
Marty Caivano // 11.2020
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New Rider Tips on Apparel to Get You Rolling If you're just getting into cycling, welcome! With this article,…
Marty Caivano // 10.2020
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Can’t Buy a New Bike? Upgrade The One You Have These strange times have created many unusual circumstances, and the…
Marty Caivano // 09.2020
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Removing Barriers to the Cycling Community for People of Color As the anti-racist movement grows across the globe, many of…
Marty Caivano // 08.2020
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Representation in Cycling Through Inclusivity I’m one of hopefully many people who’ve had the pleasure…
Marty Caivano // 04.2020
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Protection Plus Style – Knee and Elbow Pad 101 More riders are wearing protective gear these days, and they’re…
Marty Caivano // 02.2020
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Ways to Find Your Next Dream Adventure by Bike The new year is here, and among all your other…
Marty Caivano // 01.2020
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A Way to Get ‘Fat’ In the Winter – Fat Biking Intro Fat bikes are a great way to enjoy Mother Nature…
Marty Caivano // 11.2019
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Riding and Racing to Get More Girls Riding If you’ve ever thought that getting more girls on bikes…
Marty Caivano // 10.2019
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Act Sustainably & Ride Responsibly Our industry excels at making us want to buy ever…
Marty Caivano // 09.2019
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Seven Suggestions for Buying Your First MTB There’s a lot for a new rider to think about…
Marty Caivano // 08.2019
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