Alex Mclaughlin
“Travel every weekend? Meet new people every weekend? We get to go fast? I’m in.”

Alex participated in his first bicycle race in 2012 as a collegiate student looking to fulfill the need for competition after injuries ended a 12-year-long rugby career. The university club offered to take him to his first road race and show him the ropes and that was all that he needed. Bicycle racing was his source of weekend fun in the beginning, but sharing successes and failures with teammates in cities all across the U.S. made him fall in love with the sport. After a couple years of racing, Alex began racing as a Category 1 and has either won or stood on the podium over 30 times since.
Group Ride PROs – Off the Front Welcome to the first installment in this series, Off the…
Alex Mclaughlin // 03.2018
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