Amy Charity
Amy is a Colorado native, born in Fort Collins. At the age of 34, she left the financial industry to pursue her passion and a career in professional bike racing. Amy raced all over the world and at the highest level of the sport. She was a member of the US National Team, holds a national title in the Team Time Trial and raced in the World Championships. She now directs and owns SBT GRVL while competing on gravel.
Crew Member
An Unconventional Unbound Gravel Journey Finish I gave it a week.  I was hoping that by…
Amy Charity // 06.2021
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Amy stopped on a corner overlooking the valley below
Yo-Yo Bike Training – Journey to Unbound Part 2 Sitting at my dining room table, sharing a chair with…
Amy Charity // 05.2021
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An Unconventional Journey to Unbound Gravel 2021 Nine Weeks out from Unbound Gravel – oh sh**! As…
Amy Charity // 04.2021
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