Artisan Craftsfolk – Spectrum Paint & Powder Works
Typically, this time of year, many in the bike industry…
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Typically, this time of year, many in the bike industry are (would be thanks to the pandemic) be priming for the Chris King Open House in Portland, Oregon. It’s an event that highlights amazing unique bike builds from a small selected group in the bike industry. One of those chosen for this year is Arthaya Nootecharas of Spectrum Paint and Powder Works. She also works for the sister company Mosaic Cycles.

Spectrum Paint and Powder Works isn’t shy about what they do our how they do it while being welcoming of any rider looking to have a bike that others will drool over. Especially this masterpiece for the Open House that was to be.

Arthaya’s concept reflects her art outside of spraying frames or designing the next dream build, incorporating her style of drawings and sketches of the world. The bike is full of simple yet organic lines, laden with little details. “It’s not chaos. It’s just a lot of lines, but it’s organized,” she says. Come along and learn more about Arthaya’s craftwork and passion for cycling art. Definitely 1 OF 1.

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