American Criterium Project #1 – Athens EPISODE 1: It's arguably the most recognized criterium race…
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EPISODE 1: It’s arguably the most recognized criterium race in the US. The Athens Twilight Criterium is a part of USA CRITS season series as well as the four-race Speed Week Series.

Racing under the lights of Athens, Georgia, a full spectrum of racers takes to the streets of the southern town for fast and hard racing as thousands of spectators take in the scenes, beer and more. The entire day is more than just bike racing. Come along for a journey with the Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team as they rest up, kit up, heat up and hope to deliver for the team.

To learn more about the Texas Roadhouse team, read their feature piece on from the races at Speed Week.

If you and your team need to get some of the fastest speed suits in the bunch, give the PEARL iZUMi Custom Team a shout and let’s get your Speed Shop project rolling.

Video by Justin Balog

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2 thoughts on “American Criterium Project #1 – Athens

  1. It’s a good thing they are young because their diet, nutrition,and stress levels are hideous

  2. The See Food Diet of many young athletes only works so long. Our bodies need nutrition not just mass food intake from any source.
    I remember feeding stations on road races were a plethora of all types of foods and hydration. Coke the wonder drink could be found at every race. Drank close to the end of the race “gave that needed lift to finish competitively”, or did it?
    I love Coke, but my races were were from the sideline as an official. Like many people I would hydrate with east ever was close at hand.
    When I ride my water bottle is usually filled with water or the flavor of the month energy drink. Even today I stop at a small country store not far from home grab an energy drink and drink it in the shade of the trees at the “Park” next to the the store. I use the final few miles home as a cool down. When enter the kitchen at home I finish what ever fluid was in my water bottle and drink tap water.
    I feel strongly that hydrating at the end of a ride is must. I finish off my water bottle and drink more water. Occasionally I have a beer and sit and relax in the cool of my living room, my covered porch or under the large tree in my back yard.
    Recovery through rest, food and drink is as essential as the exercise.
    It is important you have a beneficial rest and recovery after your exercise.
    Nuff Said

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