Ambador Maria Takes on Copper Triangle

PEARL iZUMi Ambador Maria Cesca’s annual challenge.

Though she lives along the coast of Florida, for the last several summers she has traveled to the high mountains of Colorado to test herself on a long ride. This year, however, she had her husband and two sons along for the ride.

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5 thoughts on “Ambador Maria Takes on Copper Triangle

  1. Enjoyed this video of Ambzdor Maria Cesca challenge in Colorado. I am 70 and have road and mountain bikes for over 20 years. Always fun to get “ out there”!
    B Kinney
    Scarborough Maine

  2. This is a beautiful story, thank you Maria for sharing it. Your journey is truly inspirational. I’ve started riding again this summer after being away from cycling for over a decade. I look forward to being one with my bike and nature.

  3. Loved this video documentary. It really captures Maria’s wonderful spirit, positive attitude, and her raw and tangible love of riding. And her family is fantastic too.

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