30-Day Wheelie Challenge – p/b Ryan Leech We’re riders. And our bikes are a constant in…
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We’re riders. And our bikes are a constant in life no matter what we’re going through. The other constant? Busting out a wheelie feels great—an immediate mood boost. That’s science! So right now, instead of getting overly-consumed by the news, let’s focus on something that will bring us joy and help us do the right thing. Let’s “Wheelie for the World!’

Just so happens, we know the perfect guy to lead this wheelie movement: professional trials rider Ryan Leech. He’s put together a 30-day wheelie course that builds skills each day, bit-by-bit until you can crack the code and confidently wheelie any time you please. He’s made this program free to access to help encourage social distancing* and give us something meaningful (and crazy-fun) to work towards over this next month. How great would it be to come out on the other end of this, together, with a sweet new skill to show the world?

We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other, inspire each other and make 2020 the year of the wheelie! Join PEARL iZUMi athletes, ambassador Crew, and employees as we learn the coolest of all bike tricks.

To spread the good vibes even further, we’re going to donate $1 to Trips for Kids for every person who signs up for the wheelie challenge, up to $7,500. Who knew wheelies could be so powerful?

*If you’re unable to leave your home right now to practice hang in there, you’ll have access to the wheelie challenge through the end of June. Also, please keep in mind that this is not the time to hurt yourself, so heed Ryan’s advice, use caution, and save it for later if you’re feeling unsafe. PEARL iZUMi takes no responsibility for any bodily injury incurred by cyclists participating in any events and using any information provided on the website.

Ryan Leech letting that front wheel fly in British Columbia.

Check back to see others complete the challenge!!

Use the #30daywheeliechallenge and tag @pearlizumiofficial on your Instagram stories & posts so we can share the wheelie joy.
Jake Magee shows us how it’s done on the road bike near Boulder, Colorado.
Dave Wonderly of Southern California has been riding wheelies longer than many have been riding bikes.
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