The 2020 Tour of Inspiration

For us, July conjures images of low helicopter shots tracking a colorful peloton rolling through sunflowers at breakneck speed. This year, we need to wait until the end of August to get our racing fix, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a Tour of our own in the meantime. One where we do a lot less watching and a lot more riding.

It’s time for the second edition of the Tour of Inspiration. We teamed up with our ambassador crew to bring you 21 of the best rides from around the country, presented in detail using PeopleforBikes amazing Ride Spot platform.

Ride Spot is the place to discover, create, and share great riding experiences. You’ll find detailed route descriptions, photos, and sometimes even tips on where to score a piece of pie (If you know any new riders, do them a solid and share Ride Spot so they find great routes too).

So join us this month as we share some killer routes, and make sure to download the free Ride Spot app to discover more in your area. Every person who completes one of the featured routes will be entered to win one of five kits. But really, if you get out for a great ride you’ve won already.

It’s still Tour time
COVID can’t touch this Tour

It’s Tour Time!
Just not that Tour

Graphic to talk about the Tour of Inspiration
Graphic of a rider on a bike with pearl izumi logo

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